Find Out More About Me !

I am
I have a wonderful Hubby.

He is ... my best friend.

Someone that I could never live without.

We have been bickering like old folk from the moment we met, but I hate being away from him.

We've been together from the summer of 2008.

We got engaged while celebrating Christmas that December with his family.

We got married on August 15, 2009.

And on November 7, 2009 we welcomed our beautiful daughter to the world.

Her name is Ashlynn, or Lynney Bug, or Buggy, or Bug-a-Boo.

This is my family. I adore them. 

I spent two years working at an in home daycare and quit when my daughter was eleven months old to spend more time with my family. I now have a child care business where I nanny part time for  families with one or two children. I take my daughter with me so that she has interaction with other kiddos and I love that I have a more one on one connection with my kiddo's now.

I'm also working on my Associate's degree online in General Studies. I'll be graduating in December ... and then I don't know what I'm going to do ! I'm throwing around the idea of teaching, business, and child care ... 

I also have an Etsy shop. I make bows, tag blankets, and Rag Quilts so far. I love working on my shop.

I started this blog because I want to share my craftyness with the world and also my family and the wackyness that is our life sometimes. I love scrapbooking, DIY projects, making things for my bambino and our home, and learning how to do new things. Mostly I am trying to use my new found free time to make our apartment a better home! 

We are also saving up ideas for when we buy one of these:

That isn't in the cards for us for probably a couple years, but we are working on it.