Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting this Business Off the Ground !

Josh and I applied for our Illinois Business license last night ! In a few days we should get word back. Hopefully no one else is DBA Buggy Bowtique ! We will officially be a Husband/Wife Sole Proprietor soon !

We talked a little bit last night about where we see our business going and I'm so excited about this venture. It would be so great to eventually get to the point where we could run our own business and not have to work outside of it. It would be amazing to run our Bowtique together.

I also looked into renting a table at our local Flea Market to get our name out there and I think we might start doing that in November as long as I can get enough material together to make it worth it ! 

The next two things I am working on is crocheting headbands and child aprons. 

I tried to knit a headband ... but it was not the quality I wanted. I have never crocheted before but I'm hoping that I can pick it up quickly! Especially if I need some for the flea market on November 20th :) I have a few patterns to try out and I'm hoping that I find one that is usable. 

For the aprons I am looking into embroidery. I would love to learn how to embroider! I think it would be adorable to offer aprons for children ! 

My biggest drawback right now in all of this is the space to do it ! We have such a limited space right now that my sewing machine stays up in the closet unless it is used and then goes right back up. I need a room to use just for this business so that I can have my supplies out all the time and keep everything organized ! 

On another note I am thrilled about Ashlynn's 1st Halloween this weekend ! She is going to be an adorable little lady bug this weekend ! We will have so much fun taking her trick-or-treating and I will have pictures next week ! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My New Etsy Shop

I opened my Etsy Shop today !

I put three different bows up today:

And I'm hoping to get more up soon ! I will also be selling headbands and hats for them and hopefully other crafts. I love working on them and seeing the finished product! It is so much fun and I I hope this works out so I can continue to do it !

It is a great thing to keep me busy that I enjoy doing !

You can find my new shop @

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ashlynn's 0-6 months Scrapbook

I started this scrapbook for Ashlynn before she was born! It seems like just last month, when in reality it was about 14-15 months ago. I had the whole thing planned out from cover to cover, and it was going to be very epic! And then like everthing else, when Ashlynn was born things changed. She is our only child, so we only took about a hundred pictures of her every day. After a couple of months and after her book started protesting ( the corner started to tear ) I decided that she would have two scrapbooks, one for 0-6 months and another for 6-12 months.

Here are the pages up until the hospital !

Title Page :) 

I made Ashlynn a pumpkin patch instead of a Family Tree. It was easier because my parents are divorced and so are my Grandparents. I love this page ! 
This page is a letter I wrote to Ashlynn about my pregnancy and my feelings about her coming into the world!

This is our one and only ultrasound picture of our Bug and also my Baby Belly. 

Baby Shower invitations.
Shower Cake, Centerpieces, Gifts, and Daddy! 

Maternity Photos we had taken by Giggles Photography!
 More Maternity Photos !
At the Hospital! 

At the Hospital, baby announcement included !

Meeting the Family!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Corner Cave

Once upon a time there was a mom named Megan who stayed home with her 1 year old.
Megan was also a college student who loved to scrapbook, knit, and sew, but she had to do all of these things at her desk in the corner of the kitchen. There wasn't much room and nothing had a good place! 
There were school books with scrapbooks and pumpkins that had no place else to go!
Her desk was covered with pens and cameras and cords that left no room for the good stuff!

Her precious supplies were "organized" in hodge podge containers in danger of attack from tiny hands!

Her poor yarn and fabrics were scared and hid under the desk.

One day this desperate mommy heard of a giftcard giveaway @Centsational Girl from Home Goods. Her mind started reeling. She could get storage to organize the brads from the buttons and yarn would not be frightened and the cords would have homes and the stickers would rest easy in a drawer of their own and the tiny hands would not be able to get in quite as easy.

The mommy thought that this would be a dream come true.