Monday, December 27, 2010

New Toy For Mommy !

So ... Christmas was more wonderful this year than it has been for a long time because I got to spend the day making the world magical for our little girl, but I also got a little magic as well. 

I got the Silhouette I've been dreaming of ... 

Silhouette SD
It is wonderful ... 

Actually amazing ... 

But I haven't made a single thing with it ... 

Because I can't figure out what to do first ... 

There are too many options ! ! ! 

I think I'm leaning towards making something to decorate for Valentines Day or our Family name in Vinyl .... 


Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like ...

Christmas ! ! ! 

So, of course the hubby and I are going through our poor, young family stage and our family has been very adamant that we don't buy them presents. Our response to that for the past two years has been to make them presents instead. 

Last year we made them all picture frames that we bought at Michaels that I decorated with some paint and ribbon and threw in a picture of that lovely family member with our then 7 week old baby girl. They went over pretty well and I enjoyed having another reason to look at beautiful photos of my little angel. 

This year we decided to make the family ornaments. We went back to Michaels this year. ((Because I <3 Michaels)) We spent $18 and made and wrapped 14 presents. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. 

We basically started by grabbing all of crap supplies and throwing it on the floor in the living room/our bedroom. Did I mention we are in that poor, young family stage? 

Yea we use that gate to block Ashlynn from getting to the television and my husbands computer. We also have it around the Christmas Tree which you will see later :) It's wonderful the things you do for a little peace of mind once your child starts running . . . 

We started by cutting out the little pieces for our snowmen ornaments . . . Oh yea. I said we. As in my amazing husband actually helped. I have photographic evidence. 

All of those hands are Hubby hands <3 What a swell guy :) 

In the end we had a little family of Snowmen. 

And a whole bunch of Santa's Bellies

We chose to wrap these little beauties in bags I decorated and my hubby, yep he helped with this too, put into the bags and arranged the tissue paper ! He also added our Christmas cards because we chose to hand deliver as many as possible. 

I think they turned our pretty cute ! 

And for one day they, and the other present we wrapped for each other, will make our tree look fuller :) 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Little Bug in the Snow

So it snowed and stuck for the first time about a week ago. We of course had to take our little bug out to play!

We put on three or four layers of clothes and topped it off with giant princess boots that light up (!) when she walks, a pea coat, and a pink puppy dog hat.

I was looooooooooooooving it. :)

She was not. :(

But we made it to the door and she was in pretty good spirits considering. 

This was her adorable-ness as we got ready to go out into the winter wonderland after Sunday breakfast at her Grandpa's. 

After we got outside she alternated between staring at the ground in puzzlement ... 

And staring at me or her dad with a look that clearly said, Morons, I would like to go inside now.


And then she got a awful, terrible idea ... like the Grinch ... and tried to walk. She took one step and fell face forward into the snow. Needless to say she was done with this cold white nonsense and we had to go back inside. 

And once inside and dry she was happy to raid Grandpa's Christmas tree boxes and "help" decorate his tree. 


Friday, December 10, 2010

My Let it Snow Sign

So I picked up this Cutie Patootie Let it Snow sign at Target for 3$.

But ... It was also Cheap ... As in this Snowflake sort of just fell off when I picked it up to start adding some pretty to it.

So I glued it back on and added some rhinestones to the Snowflakes.

Then I added the Santa, and other Christmas Embellishments.

The end result is very simple, but I really like that about it. I hung it in the doorway from the kitchen to the living room.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sooo ... Happy news for me today !!

So two great things happened for me and my blog today ...

First, I got my 10th follower. Thanks to all of you :) I realize I'm still just a teeny tiny little blog gal, but I'm glad that I know I'm making a small mark on blogland at least.

Second, I was featured for the first time. Jennifer from Sunshine and Chaucer featured my Tree Skirt :)

It's a good day here at Buttons, Bows, and a Baby :)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas is my 3rd favorite holiday.

I <3 Halloween most of all. Something about it has always just made me warm and fuzzy :)

Next is Thanksgiving ... Pretty much because of the Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream and my Stepmom's Green Bean casserole. Both Amazing ! 

And Third is Christmas. I love Christmas decorations. I adore watching the house turn into a winter wonderland. I listen to Christmas Music as soon as I find a station (this year they started a whole week before Thanksgiving!). I reveled in putting up our first tree. I have loved putting out our knick knacks and getting to decorate my own place for the first time. 

I love to visit a friend, family, or my clients and getting to see how they decorate for the season.The best part of all of it is that no two houses is just the same. No matter what there is a macaroni ornament, or a Grandmother's Christmas China, or something that sets this house off from that one. There is so much stuff out there it is insane, especially if you include all of the things people make for their own homes.

But what really kills me on this holiday is Christmas Gifts. It's just ... kind of anticlimactic these days and not really about giving. For example, my husband and I know exactly what we are getting this year and it feels like more of a business arrangement than a gift. I love and appreciate our families and I know that they are getting us exactly what we want, but ... I want more from Christmas than exactly what I want ! 

I'm hoping that on Christmas morning when we wake up Buggy and take her to the tree I will see what I need in her face and I will have my "something more." The three of us aren't doing much for Christmas this year because of our lovely budget, but she will have her Christmas morning and I think that's all that really matters to me this year. 

I mean I love this kid and when it comes down to it, I just want her to be happy and healthy and the rest is gravy .

(Buggy all ready to go see the lights !) 

I'm sure I'll still really enjoy my Silhouette as well :) 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar Shelf

I set up a new pretty area today for our Advent Calendar. It is on top of my bookshelf next to my desk. 

We purchased the Advent Calendar last year at Target after Christmas.  I don't remember how much it was but it was pretty cheap. We love it. 

These are my little guys :) My Grandmother gives them to me. For some reason I have always found them endearing.

And this is my beautiful new votive holder from Yankee Candle. 

Have I mentioned I love the Holidays ?


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Tree Skirt

I made our tree a skirt with two fabrics that I just had at the house that I wasn't going to use. It isn't really the color, size, or fabric that I want our tree skirt to be, but I've already decided that I'm going to make a new one next year and plan ahead a little more. I made this one earlier this week in about an hour. 

This is the main fabric. 

 And the Red Trim ...

And here it is all wrinkled  under the tree . . . I guess I'll have to fix that. 


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