Friday, November 26, 2010

Silhouette Giveaway !

The ONE thing I asked for for Christmas this year is one of these beautiful babies.

And I would love to get one early from one of my favorite blogs House of Hepworths.

This way I could get some AWESOME things to use with my fabulous Silhouette SD.

Like Vinyl ...

ahhhh ... vinyl ....

.. .... .. ... .....

oh sooooorry ...

I was day dreaming about all the wonderful beautiful things I could do with my Silhouette ...



Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Product for the Bowtique :)

I finished up my first non-bow product for the Bowtique ! 

This Taggie Blankie ! 

I made it from fabric and ribbon I had in the house already but I'm really excited about all the possibilities ! I really love crafting and creating for the store! It is so much fun and really helps me to de-stress at the end of the day ! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Bows !

I found the time today to make some news bow for the Bowtique today ! 

I have to admit ... I love them ! Especially the Bumble Bees :) 

Go on over to Buggy Bowtique to see the rest of my bows ! 


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Things I Saw This Week ...

So ... I love the crafts and tutorials that others post on their sights and have about a million and one more than I will ever be able to make myself saved in a special place, so I thought I might start sharing my favorites in hopes that they will reach others who might just adore the idea enough to see it through ! 

This Snowman Family Frame is about the cutest thing I've seen all week. 

If you would like to try it out you can find instructions over here at Childmade.

Also, Allison @ House of Hepworths has been making these beautiful Christmas trees

They are so adorable and seem pretty simple as well! I can't wait to make some closer to Christmas ! 

And Finally, Something I can't wait to have on my table (even though my daughter isn't really old enough to use it) ... 

These Thanksgiving Chalk Cloth Placemats from Flamingo Toes ... 

So now you know what is bouncing around in my noggin right now and hopefully you have been inspired too ! 


Ashlynn Olivia ... Our Mischievous Cutie :)

People are always telling us how cute our daughter is ... and I agree of course. 

I mean ... look at her ...

 What good hearted person could resist such a doll ?! 

But what really get me is that no one (but my husband and I ) seems to see this side of her ...

(Photo Contest Submission!)

Look at that little mischievous monster ! You can see it in her face ... The look alone says "I'm thinking about doing something naughty and I'm going to get away with it because you think I'm so stinking cute." 

So ... I decided to enter little Miss Ashlynn and her Mischevious self into the Cutest Kid Contest over at Freckles and Fudge and Unexpected Suprises to find out just how cute she is :) 

She can win over 500$ in lovely Etsy store gifts so that she can be even cuter than she already is ... If that's possible ! 

So click this button ...

or go HERE to vote for Ashlynn ! 


Monday, November 8, 2010

Just A Little Bit More Me

So ... Part of being young and married with a baby is getting things donated to you. 

Sometimes these things can be less than desirable. or just not really ... you. 

Like this pillow. 

So ... I found some pretty fabric I had left over from another project 

I cut it to 18" by 40" for my 18 inch pillow and then sewed 1/4" seams on the shorter sides. 

Then I folded the sides in so that the ugly side of the fabric was out. I folded the fabric 11" in from each seam. I of course didn't take a photo of this and thus failed you. But after folding the sides in I sewed 1/2 in seams on the sides and pulled the pretty side of the fabric out and shoved my ugly pillow in and the result was this lovely pillow that I think is much more me ... 

I'm going to make one more like this and use another fabric to cover our other two pillows. Now I just need to figure out how to cover the ugly not me couch ! Any Ideas? 


Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Wonderful 1st Birthday !

It was Buggy's 1st Birthday today ! Chef and I were super sad and extremely depressed excited about it ! 

Our little baby girl 

is so not a baby anymore. She walks, talks, has an attitude, and has her cake and eats it too. 

It seems like just last week I looked like a boat. 

and she was a fuzzy photo that mad it look like Chef and I were about to be the proud parents of an alien with a giant head. 

But a long time has come a gone and we have had a great time learning with her. We didn't really know what we were doing in the beginning, and we really still don't, but we love her and she loves us ... most days. 

I am so glad to have been given the gift of the last year with the most beautiful, independent, little firecracker of a chick I know. 

I hope she loved her party and her birthday as much as we did ! 

I CAN TOTALLY can't wait for the next one ! Just keep on growing baby girl ... Daddy and I won't really squeeze you until you stop. 

Love you ! 


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Birthday Memory Box

Today I worked on little Photo Cubes I am making for Buggy's 1st Birthday Party.

I started with these Photo Cubes I bought for something I intended to do this past Christmas, and then changed my mind ...

Then I removed the cardboard insert and covered it with pink cardstock. You could also use wrapping paper or any other cute kind of paper you wanted to be the backdrop! 

Then I added Photos, Embellishments from my scrapbooking, and a couple ladybugs ! The only thing you have to work about is making sure that you don't do anything too fat or the cube wont close. 

After I completed the four sides ( I left the bottom and top empty but you don't have too!) I closed up the box. 

I then used ribbon that we are going to use at the party and a candle that is also from the party supplies on the top. And this is the final product ...

We have a centerpiece that matches her party decorations but I am going to put these out as well. This one is about the pregnancy/newborn stage. It is so fun to have a reason to go back and look at the pictures of her when she was such a tiny thing ! 


linked up @ these great parties ! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy Week !

We had a great time on Halloween ! It was Buggy's 1st and she did awesome. She held her own bag and said bye-bye to the people after they gave her candy. She was such a sweetie in her lady-bug costume that her Grandma handmade for her ! I can't believe she is going to be a year old in just a few short days ! 

In other news, it is a crazy week for our family !

My old bosses father passed away this past Friday so I am taking a few days off from being a SAHM to work so she can be with her family. It's been rough getting up at 6am again! Thank goodness this isn't long term! It's been great to see the kids again! I missed them so much. Buggy came with me to the daycare yesterday so she got to see all of her old friends again and play with them. This has eaten up most of my Monday and Tuesday and I am also babysitting tomorrow morning and two other nights this week.

I also have to get over to my dad's house to clean up and set up for Buggy's Party this weekend. We are having a Lady Bug Party ! I can't wait to see her attack the Red and Black Lady Bug cake.  We are doing cupcakes and cookie cake for the rest of the guests and having a barbecue at my dad's house because we don't have room for the 25 people in our tiny apartment!

Next Monday we are getting her pictures taken in her birthday outfit by the wonderful Larissa of Larissa Photography. She has taken all of Buggy's other photos and does an amazing job !

After all of this craziness is over from this party I will get back to me and my business. I am really really really excited about getting to the aprons ! I brought my sewing machine down and set it on the table when I did an adjustment to my costume this past weekend. I am not going to put it back into the closet (it's prison :) ) until I have an apron out of it! Hopefully this will get done next week!