Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day !

I had an absolutely beautiful Mother's Day and I hope that you all did as well !  

I woke up to this amazing painted flower pot that Ashlynn made me with Daddy's help. 

We went to Forest Park in St. Louis and had a picnic. It was so beautiful. 

After our lunch we went to a little lake/waterfall thing in the park. 

Ashlynn fell in love with these ducks. She even started saying "Duck" ! 

I was trying to get pictures of her but she just wanted to go play with the ducks :) 

I adore being a mommy. I love Ashlynn more than anything or anyone else on this earth and it has been such a gift to have her in this world with me each and every day. She is my little bug and I could not imagine the world without her. She makes me laugh and makes me cry. 

Being a mom has been amazing and it keeps getting better!


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