Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Husband’s name is Josh.

My husband and I met in High School. Supposedly.

He claims we had a government type class together freshman year. We were doing a mock trial in the class and the people with the highest scores on the test got to pick their positions. I got the highest score in the class and chose to be the judge. He got the second highest score in the class and was apparently upset with me for picking the judge and held a grudge for the next five years. 

Fast forward five years and we met again in the spring of 2008. We were nineteen years old. My best friend had a class on Wednesday nights and I would pick him up after and we would go to Denny’s. One week he invited a girl from his class. This girl is now my sister in law and her name is Amanda.

((Amanda and I)) New Years Eve 2008-9

One night she brought Josh with her to Denny’s and we started talking about books. We both love to read and we promised to lend each other some of our favorites. After a couple weeks his sister went out of town to work at a church camp for the summer.

We didn’t see each other for a little while and then one night we randomly started IM-ing. I invited him over to my house, or rather my parents, and then we watched movies. I believe the first one was Juno.
From that night on we were inseparable.  That was June of 2008.

When I met Josh, I was bitter towards marriage because of my parents and I thought I would never get married, or if I did it would be when I was an old lady.

Three months later I knew we were going to get married. And I wasn’t going to be an old lady.  We had a pretty whirlwind romance.

He proposed that December while we were celebrating Christmas with his family. He got down on one knee in front of his extended family and asked me to marry him. I agreed immediately. He gave me my mother’s ring, which is what I wanted.

In January, my mom and I began to plan a wedding for June of 2010, not knowing that this was not to be.

On March 3rd 2009 I took a pregnancy test. It was positive.

I had wanted kiddos young. I imagined that we would have a honeymoon baby actually, but apparently the powers that be had other ideas. 

After some debating this way and that, Josh and I decided to get married before the baby was born instead of on the day we had planned. This meant that my mom and I were now planning a wedding 11 months earlier than expected and also that I was going to be six months pregnant on our wedding day. 

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