Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Girl Bed !

I bought Ashlynn a Toddler Bed a few days ago at Once Upon a Child. 

It is a resale shop around the St. Louis area for baby, toddler, child, and maternity stuff. They have clothes, toys, and even beds :) 

So, When I was there Friday I sent my hubby this picture of this wooden toddler bed that they were selling for $35. 

He told me to go ahead and buy it. We hadn't been planning on getting her a toddler bed for awhile, but it was a pretty good deal that we couldn't pass on.  So, we scooped it up. My brother went with my Sunday to pick it up and bring it home. 

It has a few scuffs but my Father In Law is going to show us how to sand and stain it ... which I have never done before, so that will be an experience ! 

It had been my intention to break it down and put it away in the closet for six months until Ashlynn turns two, but she was trying to climb onto the frame and figure out what it was, so I pulled her mattress out from her crib and set it up in her toddler bed and she climbed up and down and all around it until daddy came from work. 

Because she seemed so excited about it, last night we decided to see how it would go if we put her in it for bed. She has always been a baby that does not like to be in her crib or sleeping at all, so we read her a book and kissed her goodnight and tucked her. After we left the room she got out of bed and came over to the door to yell at us for a minute, realized we weren't coming to get her, and then headed back to bed. 

So last night she wasn't too horrible. 

Her nap today was a little rougher. I think because the room was brighter so she could see all of the fun things that she could play with if she climbed out of bed. I had to put her back to bed three times and the third time i laid down next to her until she fell asleep ... 

So ... 

We will see ! 

My hubby is at work now and we talked about the naptime experience but haven't made the decision yet. Her crib is still set up right next to her new bed, so I'll let you know what we end up doing with the new bed. It may still be heading into the closet for a few months. 

 Either way it is adorable when she is sleeping in her big girl bed :) 


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